Silverstein 10 Years for Discovering the Waterfront Tour

2015 has already kicked off to a great start with so many  shows and anniversary touring this year. Silverstein’s 10 year’s for Discovering the Waterfront hit Calgary on January 23, 2015 and was no exception. Selling out the Gateway. Ten years ago the band released Discovering the Water Front. An album known well within the Punk / Hardcore community. To those that aren’t familiar with the band. Silverstein is a Canadian Post-hardcore/Emo band formed in 2000 out in Burlington Ontario. Though the show primarily focused on the album, the songs spanned their 15 years as a band. If you missed out on the show I managed to catch a few of the songs below. – Call it Karma (acoustic) – Already Dead – My Heroin – Your Sword vs My Dagger

I also was privileged enough to listen and discuss with the band the entire new record due to release this spring. For fans of the album won’t disappoint with smooth transitions and covering both heavier and lighter songs known with the band. The band had to say “We are hitting every bull on every eye. Young or old, your going to love this record. We have a new peep, a fresh outlook on life and are better at our instruments…..Why a throw a dart when you can drop a bomb”.

I brought up that there was unsure feelings from Shane when writing this new album lyrical, all he had to say is “my personal life is touring with the band, because we are not like normal people; you wake up, you go to work, you come home. For us its hard to separate the line between professional and personal life. Everything becomes what we need”.

When we started to look back to Discovering the Waterfront the band touched base that “we never left the album it has stayed with us through all these years. It’s been nice to revisit and redefine songs, and see what has and hasn’t changed. The one thing for sure is the feelings will always be there.”

Unfortunately the hang out led to having to miss the first two bands (No regrets). Videos featured bellow. – My Iron Lung – Major League

I returned from chilling with Silverstein, just in time to catch the boys in Hands Like Houses. These guys from Australia had a chance to hop on the North American tour. Formed in 2008, these guys came together from various local bands at the time. With two albums under their belt. The band defiantly has a mixed range on their sound between a mellow folk rock and a post-hardcore sound. This was no different during the show. – Hands Like Houses “A Tale of Suburbia” – Hands Like Houses “This ain’t no place for animals”

Following Hands Like Houses, was Beartooth. Next to Silverstein this seemed to be the band most people showed up to see. The front vocalist Caleb originally from Attack! Attack, had formed Beartooth in 2012. Though a lot of his songs were written while still in his old band.  The bands style is described as metal-core, with punk origins. To the point that they embarked on a tour, playing house shows only. All these elements were easily seen during their wild live performance, being the only band using their surroundings to their advantage; hanging from the rafters, crowd surfing and engaging as much as they cold with the audience. Check out the album below. – Beartooth “Disgusting Full album”

Silverstein’s live shows are still as energetic as they were years earlier. Welcoming old and new fans, they touch on numerous songs spanning their discography.

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