The Real Mckenzies (2016)

Foreword: All Answers by Paul McKenzie, the questions were answered Feb 16, 2016. Photos from the Calgary show (March 17, 2016) to appear end of March on my Facebook link (contact at the end).

According to the official Facebook Page

  • Start Date: Founded in 1992
  • Genre: The original Celtic punk band!
  • Band Members
    Paul McKenzie: Vocals
    Jono Jak: Guitar, Vocals
    Dan Garrison: Guitar, Vocals
    Troy Zak: Bass, Vocals
    Jesse Pinner: Drums
    Aspy Luison: Bagpipes, Vocals
    Matt McNasty : Bagpipes, Vocals
    Gord Taylor : Bagpipes, Vocals
  • Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords, Stomp Records, Sudden Death, Honest Don’s

Q1. Where did the band name originate ?

A1. We formed in Vancouver BC, in 1992. The band name was taken from the worst single malt scotch available on the planet, The Real MacKenzie. I thought it would be a fitting name for a totally excellent Celtic punk band. 

Q2. What one band would you like to share the stage/tour with?

A2. BOIDS….and lucky me. 

Q3. How was “Rats in Burlap” (2015) received?

A3. It is our best selling album to date, I love the cover art, and Bootsy the Haggis Eating cat will go down in history along with all of the other timeless greats.

Q4.What has been your favourite/easiest album to work on versus to the most difficult/least favourite to work on? why?

A4. Question…what would be YOUR favourite album if you were to be in my position. There are element of difficulty just releasing one album, let alone over a dozen of them. They are all my babies. I love and hate them all equally.

Q5. Why the 3 year delay between forming in 1992 and releasing your first album in 1995?

A5. Drug and alcohol abuse. Not by me, but with the lineup at the time. After having had fired those losers and hiring a new band, we went on to create an excellent album.

Q6. Do you guys have one specific lyricist or do you all write together?

A6. Sometimes it’s all about me, and other times it’s not all about me. We enjoy sharing our lyrical expertise at this time, but maybe not next time. Yes we all write together. 

Q7. Is there any band or vocalist you’d like to collaborate on or have appear in a song

A7. Too late. They are all dead.

Q8. Does the band have any pre-show rituals or things besides warm-ups they do?

A8. Yes. Kilting and booting up, writing set lists, and slapping the piss out of each other happily as we consume copious amounts of beer and scotch whiskey. Others have tried to join us in this sacred ritual and ended up injured and bloodied. That’s what we do!

Q9. Has anyone every sustained a major injury on tour or during a show?

A9. Too many to list. If not self-inflicted the injuries we sustain have been dealt to us by our beloved audience. We love them all.

Q10. If you could drink a non-canadian beer for an entire tour which one would it be?

A10. When on tour around the world, we honour the local breweries by attempting to drink the whole supply of their latest batch. Sometimes we are successful.

Q11. Future plans for the band?

A11. Now that the Irish Rovers have retired, there are a few more bands that we will eloquently nudge into retirement as well, thus clearing the way for Real McKenzie world domination. They know who they are!!!

Q12. Besides music what other activities are you guys involved in?

A12. Working to pay our rent, sailing boats, motorcycling, bicycling, drinking, and running amok, all willy-nilly.

Q13. What are your views of the Canadian music scene as a whole?

A13. As a whole? Or a hole?

Q14. How does it feel being a band for almost 25 years?

A14. It hasn’t been 25 years, has it? Funny how time flies when you’re having such an excellent time. No regrets, we buried the rest. 

Q15. Anything You’d like to mention or touch on?

A15. On behalf of myself and the Real McKenzies we have a great lineup, we are raring to go in terms of touring the world, and creating another extra-special musical extravaganza. Looking forward to seeing you all and perhaps sharing a glass. 


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